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ACTIVE CELLULAR is an importer of original cellular phone batteries, genuine cellphone spares, mobile phone accessories and all the tools required to fix cellular phones.

Dealers Only Minimum order: R500.00


Terms and Conditions: 1.  All items carry a 6 months warranty.
2.  Prices exclude V.A.T.
3.  Prices are strictly C.O.D.

Cellular Phone Batteries

Universal Lion Battery for Notebook – PB440      R795-00 Exclude VAT
Universal Lion Battery for Notebook – PB660      R950-00 Exclude VAT


Battery Lion Nokia 3120 Classic/C5-03
Battery Lion Nokia 3310/3410/3510/3315
Battery Lion Nokia 3600 Slide/2680 Slide
Battery Lion Nokia 5220/C3-01/C6-01
Battery Lion Nokia 5310
Battery Lion Nokia 5140/3220/5500/6020/3230/N90/6060/N80/7360/7260/6070/6080
Battery Lion Nokia 5800
Battery Lion Nokia 603/303
Battery Lion Nokia Thin 6100/6101/5100/3100/2300/6600/6820/6680/6630/6670/
Battery Lion Nokia 6111/7370
Battery Lion Nokia 6110/5110/6210/6310/7110/6150 – R30 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Nokia 6500 Classic
Battery Lion Nokia 6700
Battery Lion Nokia 7210/6610/2100/3200
Battery Lion Nokia 7390/6110 Nav/5610/5700/6500 Slide
Battery Lion Nokia 9300/N73/6280/6233/3250
Battery Lion Nokia 9500/7710/N92/E61
Battery Lion Nokia C6
Battery Lion Nokia E61i/E90/E71
Battery Lion Nokia Thick N70/N91/N72/N71/E60/E50/6680/1112/5130/6600/C2-03
Battery Lion Nokia N81/N82 – R28 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Nokia N85/N86/701/700/C7
Battery Lion Nokia N95/N93i/E65/6210 Navi/N96
Battery Lion Nokia N95 8Gig/N79/N78
Battery Lion Nokia N97 Mini
Battery Nimh Nokia 3210

Battery Lion LG KG290
Battery Lion LG KG800
Battery Lion LG KP500
Battery Lion LG KS360





Battery Lion Blackberry 8700/8520/8310 – R30 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Blackberry 9320 – R78 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Blackberry 9000/9700 – R35 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Blackberry 9360 – R60 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Blackberry 9500/8900/9520/30/50 – R38 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Blackberry 9800 – R45 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Blackberry 9900 – R60 Exclude VAT

Battery Lion Samsung B2100
Battery Lion Samsung D900
Battery Lion Samsung E370
Battery Lion Samsung E900/X150/E250/C300/C140/B130/C300/D520/M140/M3200/X200/F250/M620
Battery Lion Samsung E2510/E590/D610/S3500/E2550
Battery Lion Samsung G800/S5233/U700/Z560
Battery Lion Samsung i8190 S3 Mini
Battery Lion Samsung i9000 Galaxy
Battery Lion Samsung i9100 S2 – R35 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Samsung i9300 S3 – R40 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Samsung i9500 S4 – R55 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Samsung J700
Battery Lion Samsung J750/M600/B3310/J600/E740/S8300/C3053/S7350
Battery Lion Samsung L770
Battery Lion Samsung Galaxy N7000 Note – R30 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Samsung Galaxy N7100 Note 2 – R40 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Samsung S3653 Corby
Battery Lion Samsung S3850 Chat
Battery Lion Samsung S5360 Y
Battery Lion Samsung S5690 Wave 3 /S5820/S8600
Battery Lion Samsung S5830 Ace/Geo
Battery Lion Samsung S8530 Wave 2

Battery Lion Motorola L7/L6/C261/V3X/Z3/K1/U6/V6/U600
Battery Lion Motorola V3
Battery Lion Motorola V300/V500/V600/V60
Battery Lion Motorola V360/W220/W375/W490/W510/W490

Battery Lion Ericsson K700I/T230/T290/Z200/K300/K500/Z550
Battery Lion Ericsson K750I/W550/V600/Z300/V800/W810/J120i/K320/Z310/W710/K600
Battery Lion Ericsson K800/W900/800/V800/Z800/C702/K550/C903/W300/M600/K810/W850/90/80
Battery Lion Ericsson T610/T630
Battery Lion Ericsson W580/S500/C902/T303/T650/W760/W995/K850/C905
Battery Lion Ericsson X1
Battery Lion Ericsson Xperia U – R40 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Sony ARC LT15i – R25 Exclude VAT
Battery Lion Sony NEO MT15i – R25 Exclude VAT



Popular New Cellular Phones at good prices!

We sell all new popular mobile phones at good prices.

Phones have a one (1) year guarantee.

Apple i-Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony/Ericsson


Cellular Phone Batteries

A full range of ORIGINAL and generic mobile phone batteries are available

Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Ericsson


Cellular Phone BlueTooth Bluetooth attachments for your cellular phone are also available.



Cellular Phone Accessories The range of cellular phone accessories is extensive!

Microphones, Ringers, Buzzers, Speakers, Flash Light, Charge Blocks, Power Switches, Volume Switches, Keypads and Flaps.

Product Range

Batteries for Cellular Phones (See Availability List)
Travel/House & Car Chargers (See Availability List)
TPU Cases (See Availability List)
Horizontal Case Blackberry 8520 / 9700 / 9800
Calabash Geniun Leather Broad Cases - Small / Medium / Large
Universal Bluetooth Headset
Memory Card - See Pricelist
Housings for Cellphones (See Availability List)
Cellphone Jewelry - See Pricelist
Original Accessories (Batteries /  Data Cable / Chargers / W&T) - See Pricelist
Spares (LCD / Flex Cables / Speakers / etc.) - See Pricelist
Generators - See Pricelist
Universal Screen Protectors for Cellphones
Flash Drives (2GB / 4GB & 8GB)
Blister Packaging & Backing Board for Batteries, Chargers & Cases.
Prepaid Cards (MTN / Cel C / Vodacom / Telkom) - See pricelist
Data Cables - See Pricelist
USB Modems
Antenna Booster
Flash Lights
Apple I-pad Leather Cases
Apple I-Phone Leather Cases
Bluetooth  Visor Handsfree
2 Way Repeater Splitter
Hi Gain Indoor Repeater Antenna
5m Cable Repeater

For prices and availability on all the above, email Carel at


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