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ACTIVE CELLULAR is an importer of original cellular phone batteries, cellphone spares, genuine mobile phone accessories and all the tools required to fix cellular phones.

Terms and Conditions: 1.  New phones carry a one year guarantee.
2.  Prices are strictly C.O.D.
3.  Stock varies.
4.  Contact us for the current prices.

New Phones

MOTOROLA MB526 (Water proof up to 30min/ 5mp Camera/Android/Wifi , etc)
MOBICELL Hero Tablet 7.1 (Camera/Bluetooth/Memory Card/WiFi/Android)
NOKIA 100 (Colour screen/Radio)
NOKIA 101 (Colour screen/Radio)
NOKIA 105 (Colour screen/Radio)
NOKIA 110 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Radio)
NOKIA 111 (Camera/Video)
NOKIA 112 Local (Camera/Video/Radio/Memory Card)
NOKIA 113 (Camera/Video/Memory Card/Bluetooth)
NOKIA 1280 (Radio)
NOKIA 200 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
NOKIA 201 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
NOKIA 202 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
NOKIA 203 Local (Camera/Video/Touch & Type/Bluetooth)
NOKIA 205 Dual (Camera/Video/Bluettoh)
NOKIA 205.1  (Camera/Video/Bluettoh)
NOKIA 206 (Dual Sim) (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Memory Card)
NOKIA 206.1 Local (1 x Sim)
NOKIA 300 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
NOKIA 302 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Memory Card)
NOKIA 303 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
NOKIA 305 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 306 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 308 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 309 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touchscreen)
NOKIA 310 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 311 (Camera/Video/Touch Screen/Bluetooth)
NOKIA 500 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 501 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Memory Card/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 510 Export  (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 520 Lumia Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 520 Lumia Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 5230 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 5530 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 603 (Camera/Video/Touch Screen/Bluetooth)
NOKIA 610  Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 610  Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 620 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 710 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 720 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 800 LUMIA Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 820 Export (Camera/Video/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 820 Local (Camera/Video/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 900 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 900 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA 920 Lumia Export  (Camera/Video/Bluetooh/Touch Screen)
NOKIA C2 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Memory Card)
NOKIA C2-01 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Memoery Card)
NOKIA C2-02 (Camera/Video/Slide Phone/Touch Screen/Bluetooth)
NOKIA C2-03 (Camea/Video/Bluetooth/Slide Phone/Touch Screen)
NOKIA C2-05 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Slide Phone)
NOKIA C5-03 (Touch Screen/ Mem card/ 3g /Wlan /Btooth/ Camera /Video/Radio)
NOKIA C6-01 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch screen)
NOKIA E6 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
NOKIA E63 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Memory card)
NOKIA N9 Pink (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
NOKIA X2-02 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Dual Sim)
NOKIA X3-02 Local (Touch & Type/Bluetooth /Camera/Video/Radio)
NOKIA X6 32gig (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-E Single Sim C1505 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-E Dual Sim C1605 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-GO (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen/Splash Proof)
ERICSSON Xperia-J (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-Miro (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-P (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-S LT26 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-T (Camera 13MP/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-Tipo (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-U (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-V (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
ERICSSON Xperia-Z (Camera 13MP/Bluetooth/Touch Screen/Splash Proof)
BLACKBERRY Playbook 16gig WiFi Only
BLACKBERRY 8700 MTN(Bluetooth / USB / MMS / SMS / E-Mail / Instant Messagin)
BLACKBERRY 8520 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9220 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9300  (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9300 Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9320  Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9320  Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9360 Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9360 MTN (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9360 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
BLACKBERRY 9380 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
BLACKBERRY 9380 MTN (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
BLACKBERRY 9720 Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
BLACKBERRY 9790 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
BLACKBERRY 9790 Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
BLACKBERRY 9810  (Camera/Video/Touch Screen/Slide Phone)
BLACKBERRY 9900  Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
BLACKBERRY Q5 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
BLACKBERRY Q10 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
BLACKBERRY Q10 MTN (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
BLACKBERRY Q10 Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch & Type)
BLACKBERRY Z10 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
BLACKBERRY Z10 MTN (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
BLACKBERRY Z10 Vodacom (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
APPLE i-phone 4S  16gig Export 
APPLE i-phone 4S  16gig Local
APPLE i-phone 4S  64gig Local
APPLE i-phone 5  16gig Local 
APPLE i-phone 5  32gig Local
APPLE i-phone 5  64gig Local
APPLE i-Pad 2 16gig wifi & 3g Local 
SAMSUNG C3350 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
SAMSUNG E1200 Pusha (Colour Screen)
SAMSUNG E1205 Pusha (Colour Screen)
SAMSUNG E2200 (Camera, Video,Mem Card Slot , E-Mail , Radio , etc)
SAMSUNG E2222 Dual (Camera/Video/Bluetooth)
SAMSUNG i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Scree
SAMSUNG i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i8750 ATIV (Windows 8 with SNS integration)
SAMSUNG i9100 Galaxy S2 (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i9190 S4 Mini Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i9190 S4 Mini Local
SAMSUNG i9300 Galaxy S3 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i9300 Galaxy S3 Local Red (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i9300 Galaxy S3 Local  (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i9500 Galaxy S4 Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG i9500 Galaxy S4 Local
SAMSUNG N7000 Note  Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG N7100 Note II Export (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG N7100 Note II Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG N8000 Galaxy Tab 10.1
SAMSUNG P5100  Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 16gig Local
SAMSUNG P5100  Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 32gig Local
SAMSUNK P7500 Local Galaxy Tab 10.1
SAMSUNG S5300 Pocket Pink Only (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S5301 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S5360 Young Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S5660 GIO Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S5830 Galaxy ACE  Local (Camera/Video/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S6010 Local (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S6800 ACE (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)
SAMSUNG S6810 ACE (Camera/Video/Bluetooth/Touch Screen)






Product Range

Batteries for Cellular Phones (See Availability List)
Travel/House & Car Chargers (See Availability List)
TPU Cases (See Availability List)
Horizontal Case Blackberry 8520 / 9700 / 9800
Calabash Geniun Leather Broad Cases - Small / Medium / Large
Universal Bluetooth Headset
Memory Card - See Pricelist
Housings for Cellphones (See Availability List)
Cellphone Jewelry - See Pricelist
Original Accessories (Batteries /  Data Cable / Chargers / W&T) - See Pricelist
Spares (LCD / Flex Cables / Speakers / etc.) - See Pricelist
Generators - See Pricelist
Universal Screen Protectors for Cellphones
Flash Drives (2GB / 4GB & 8GB)
Blister Packaging & Backing Board for Batteries, Chargers & Cases.
Prepaid Cards (MTN / Cel C / Vodacom / Telkom) - See pricelist
Data Cables - See Pricelist
USB Modems
Antenna Booster
Flash Lights
Apple I-pad Leather Cases
Apple I-Phone Leather Cases
Bluetooth  Visor Handsfree
2 Way Repeater Splitter
Hi Gain Indoor Repeater Antenna
5m Cable Repeater

For prices and availability on all the above, email Carel at


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